Nanotechnology (E361038)

The aim of the lectures is to prepare students for the gradual but stop-less coming of nanotechnology and its related techniques in science, technology and practice. The aim of this course is to give students a concept of what it is and what constitutes nanotechnology, how to produce and how to measure it, and the knowledge when can be expected to use it in engineering practice. The lectures covers introduction to physics and chemistry of nanomaterials, the background of crystallography, surface properties, phenomenas expected for nanocrystals and their applications, stabilization of nanoparticles, formation of nucleuse and the crystal growth, nanowires, thin films, fullerenes, nanotubes, nanodiamand, polymer nanocomposites, nanofluids, application of the most common nanomaterials, photo and X-ray lithography, electron and ionic machining, nanomanipulation, STM microscope, AFM microscope, micromechanical structures, nanotechnology applications in engineering, health risks of nanotechnology.