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Deputy Head - Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering / CTU - FME,
Vice-Dean for External Relations, CTU - FME,
Member of Dean's Collegium,
Member of Dean's Board

Records in the international databases:

  • 31 records in Web of Science,
  • 49 records in Elsevier Scopus,
  • 10 records in Springer Link.

Functions and membership:

2005-2009, Head of the Institute of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, FME, CTU in Prague,
2006- 2014, vice rector of CTU in Prague,
2014- till now, vice dean of FME, CTU in Prague,
2009- till now, member of Scientific Board of the Faculty of the Applied Informatics (FAI), University of Thomas Bata (UTB) in Zlin,
2013- till now, member of Scientific Board of UTB in Zlin,
2006- till now, member of Scientific Board of Technical University in Ostrava,
2010- till now, member of Scientific Board of Chemistry and Technology in Prague,
2014-2015, chairman of the commission for innovation competition, Best Innovator (USA-ČR).


  • Nominated for membership in the American Chemical Society (2015).
  • Member of Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems IASTED, (Canada), (2009 – still).
  • Silver Felber Medal of CTU in Prague (2004).
  • Gold medal of CTU in Prague (2014).
  • In 2009-2014 obtained medals for scientific and educational collaboration between universities: CTU in Prague and TU in Bratislava (Slovak Republic), TU in Wien (Austria), TU in Budapest (Hungary), University in San Cristóbal Dom. Republic.