Project III (E373113)

Students can continue with the same topic, as for the Project II, or they can choose a new topic, but from the same list. List of propositions of the Project II subject is on this address.

The goal is to work in a small group (2 or 3 students). The project is supervised by a department teacher.

The result should contain:

  • Report in the pdf. Title of the report should be printed and signed by the supervisor and the students.
  • Presentation on public, typically before other students. Presentation is planned to the beginning of the examination period.
  • Poster, prepared in pdf (not printed)
  • This is the final work of the team, so a shorter report should be presented in the department annual report. For this, create a journal-like version (template here), print it and write here "this version is for the annual department proceedings" and sign it. Send the same version in pdf by mail.

The subject has 10 credits, this corresponds to around 250 to 300 hours per (semester and student). Average abilities are assumed.
See the ECTS Users Guide "In most cases, workload ranges from 1,500 to 1,800 hours for an academic year, which means that one credit corresponds to 25 to 30 hours of work"