Conceptual design of a control unit for an electricaly driven compressor (e-Charger)



This work is proposed in collaboration with Honeywell, Brno

Consultant: Ing. Milan Nejedlý, Ph.D
+420 532 115 740

Brief description: Feasibility study and conceptual design of control electronics for a BLDC motor with power approx. 2 [kW] for speeds up to 70 000 [RPM] driving a compressor.; max. corrected air flow 85 [g/s] for pressure ratio PR t-t 1.3 .

Directions for the thesis :

  • Get acquainted with issues of turbocharged combustion engines and with functions of control electronics for an electrically controlled compressor (e-charger) serially connected to a turbocharger.
  • Make a conceptual design of control electronics for a BLDC motor.
  • Make BOM (Bill of Material) for the control unit including a cost estimate.
  • Discuss the possibilities of motor and control unit mounting with regard to heat dissipation, assembly etc.
  • Summarize the results and propose further work