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Deputy Head - Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering / CTU - FME

Records in the international databases:

  • 46 records in Web of Science, (153 citations, H index WoS=7), (3 papers Q1(IF: 4.796, 3.173, and 4.123) and 3 papers Q2),
  • 64 records in Elsevier Scopus, (200 citations, H index Scopus=8)
  • 10 records in Springer Link.

Functions and membership:

2005-2009, Head of the Institute of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, FME, CTU in Prague,
2006- 2014, vice rector of CTU in Prague,
2014- 2018, vice dean of FME, CTU in Prague,
2009- till now, member of Scientific Board of the Faculty of the Applied Informatics (FAI), University of Thomas Bata (UTB) in Zlin,
2013- till now, member of Scientific Board of UTB in Zlin,
2006- 2014, member of Scientific Board of Technical University in Ostrava,
2010- 2014, member of Scientific Board of Chemistry and Technology in Prague,
2014-2015, chairman of the commission for innovation competition, Best Innovator (USA-ČR).


  • Gold Felber Medal of CTU in Prague (2017)
  • Nominated for membership in the American Chemical Society (2015).
  • Member of Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems IASTED, (Canada), (2009 – still).
  • Silver Felber Medal of CTU in Prague (2004).
  • Gold medal of CTU in Prague (2014).
  • In 2009-2014 obtained medals for scientific and educational collaboration between universities: CTU in Prague and TU in Bratislava (Slovak Republic), TU in Wien (Austria), TU in Budapest (Hungary), University in San Cristóbal Dom. Republic.

Some successful doctor students (from 17 defended disertations)

  1. Prof. Ing. Rodríguez, Ph.D. Full Time Professor. Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Engineering and Technology Institute, Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
  2. Doc. Ing. Michal Kejak, M.A., CSc.
    Michal Kejak serves as the Director of CERGE, Charles University, and the Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (EI) since January 2014
  3. Doc. Dr. Ing. Tomáš Brandejský, Associate Professor in Faculty of Transport Sciences, CTU in Prague
  4. Doc. Ing. Ivo Bukovský, Ph.D., Associate Professor in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, CTU in Prague
  5. Ing. Juraj Vitkaj, Ph.D., Deputy and mamagement director of company Process Automation Solutions s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic
  6. Ing. Martina Mironovová, Ph.D., Product Manager - Robotics - YASKAWA Europe ....
  7. Ing. Mgr. Jakub Jura, Ph.D., Managing director of the project OP VVV ERDF, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, CTU: