prof. Ing. Josef Zicha, CSc.

Phone: +420-22435-2701
Main Specialization: precission mechanics and optics


history of cognition of the universe

Activity in organizations:

• Astronomical instute of ČSAV in Ondřejov (1961 – 1988) chief ingenieur of the 2m Perek telescope, science worker (from 1980)
• National company Oční Optika (1988 – 1990) research manager
• University teacher, research and develépment worker (from 1990)

Study stays:

Carl Zeiss Jena, Rijks University Utrecht, TU Delf
– abroad – CERN Geneva, PSI Villingen, SUJV Dubna, MPIK Heidelberg,
– inland – COMPAS Turnov, ENKI Třeboň, FSv CTU in Prague, IOCB AS CR

Research and professional interests:
research, design and realisation of optic and mechanical devices, mechatronics
Publication and project activities:

• Microphotometer and comparator for evaluation of stellar spectrograms, AsÚ ČSAV Ondřejov
• Universal microphotometer, AsÚ ČSAV Ondřejov
• Spectrosensitometer with absolute calibration, AsÚ ČSAV Ondřejov
• Thermostat for hypersensitization of photomaterials in H2, N2 and air, AsÚ ČSAV Ondřejov
• Experimental altazimuthal assembly for calibration of IR and microwave detectors, FzÚ ONT ČSAV Řež
• Mobile measuring platform for IR diagnostics of cultivated crops, FzÚ ONT ČSAV Řež
• IR lens with double focal length, Military research
• Support wall of the PSI Villingen particle detector
• Mirror metrology for RICH COMPASS CERN detectors
• Rotary scanner and spectrometer for the study of low-temperature plasma spectra, MFF UK Prague
• Mechatronic prototype HexaSphere, FS CTU in Prague
• Device for measuring absolute humidity, ENKI Třeboň
• Servomechanism for driving frames with optical gratings, ENKI Třeboň
• Sunlight simulator for testing optical rasters, ENKI Třeboň
• Cable car for thermographic camera, ENKI Třeboň
• Cardan hinge for installation of a laser scanner on the airship, FSv CTU in Prague
• Metrological Cardan joint, FS CTU in Prague
• Electromagnetic ball joint with minimized magnetic resistence, FS CTU in Prague
• Transportable measuring station, ENKI Třeboň
• Equipment for phototropic algae cultivation Institute of Microbiology, AS CR Třeboň
• Apparatus for measuring the electrical conductivity of bonds in Au crystals, grant application, coordinator, UOCHB AS CR Prague
• Mechatronic device for controlled treatment of growth defects of long bones in children, grant application, coordinator of BMD a.s. Teplice
• Optical probe to identify defects inside the eye, grant application
Large projects:
• the first modernization of Perek’s 2m telescope
• specifications of two microphotometers
• share in 6 domestic and 3 foreign grants
• CERN – COMPASS since 1977, CERN – OSQUAR since 2007

Thesis supervisor or co-supervisor:

1) Šmíd, Marek: “Development of laser interferometric comparator apparatus for complex metrological verification of laser interferometers”. Defended at FS ČVUT in Prague 1998, topic of cooperation with the Czech Metrology Institute Prague.
2) Němcová, Šárka: “Spectrometer with high resolution”. Defended at FS ČVUT in Prague 2005, topic from cooperation with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague.
3) Král, Miroslav: „Feasibility Study of an Experiment to Measure Vacuum Magnetic Befrigence“. Defended at FS ČVUT in Prague 2007, topic and elaboration from a long-term internship at CERN.
4) Laub, Martin: “Developmnet of opto-mechanical tools and procedures for the new generation of RICH – Detectors at CERN”. Defended at FS ČVUT in Prague 2008, topic and elaboration from a long-term internship at CERN.
5) Dvořáková, Pavla: “Two-pulse electronic correlation interferometry for the analysis of displacement vectors of points of impact-loaded solids”. Defended at FS ČVUT in Prague 2009, topic from cooperation with the Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR.
6) Snopek, David: “Development of a wavefront sensor for the control of ultrathin mirrors”. Defended at FS ČVUT in Prague 2009, topic from the cooperation with COMPAS Turnov.
7) Maršík, Jiří: Construction and optimization of equipment for X-ray metrology “. Defended at FS ČVUT in Prague 2011, topic and elaboration according to the assignment of the employer – the company Rigaku Praha.
8) Macúchová, Karolina .: “Instrumental support of experimental research of axion existence” defended at FS ČVUT in Prague 2016, topic from cooperation with CERN.
9) Mašek Jakub .: “Method of magnetic abrasive finishing of rotationally symmetrical surfaces for the production of X-ray optics” Defended 21.11.2017