Ústav přístrojové a řídicí techniky

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it better to study automation at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering than elsewhere?

Today, most of the control systems are provided in the form of a kit. Anyone can use the kit, however deep understanding of controlled processes and systems is often required. Thus the knowledge dynamics, kinematics, fluid mechanics, thermomechanics and design of mechanisms  is beneficial. Good control design is therefore not only about the control engineering skills, but also about the mechanical engineering background. 


Will the study programe prepare me for a programmer job?

Many of our graduates actually work as coders on various levels of computer programming: software development via low/high programming languages, data analysis, data acquisition, testing, server applications, data visualization. Our study programe directly features courses about practical programming, and also computer science. However keep in mind, that our programe is not primarily focused on programming in the first place. It is focus on automation.


Is it possible to study the programe remotely?

The remote study is not allowed by the ministry of education. However it is possible to enroll the combined study – the education in presence is focused in less days/hours and more self study time is required from students. This can be problematic in courses with only few students. The tutor has the final word about the course implementation.


Can I apply for a custom thesis topic?

Yes, it is possible to apply for a custom thesis topic, especially if the topic is provided by an industry partner. The acceptance is decided by the department according to that particular case.


What are my chances to get a job after I finish the study?

Very high. The whole Industry 4.0 trend greatly influences the job market in favor of the automation and informatics related study programs. We are no exception from this trend. The number of requests for graduates from the industry is much higher that the number of our students.