Ústav přístrojové a řídicí techniky

prospective students

Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering gives classes in the following areas

Graduate competences

The graduates from our department will find work in areas such as control of technical processes, automation of assembly lines in technological, consumer, chemical or food industry. They are able to design an automated process from both theoretical and practical aspects. 

We are often sked the question why should I study automation on Mechanical Engineering and not Electrical Engineering faculty. If you want to design your own hardware for example your own microprocessor boards, then definitely go to Electrical Engineering. On the other hand if you want to understand the process, the machine you are working with, then go to automation on our department. You will learn how the machines work, how to design them and how to control them using a system developed by an electrical engineer. Our study programem is closer to the machines.

In automation of processes a more important knowledge is to understand the principle of the process than to understand the exact internal function of a microprocessor. For example if you want to make a good photograph, you need to understand how to use your camera ant not exactly what is happening inside it. On our department you will obtain a deep knowledge about process control including the knowledge of the process.

At the bachelor level, you will learn the basics of mechanical engineering, mechanics, physics, mathematics, machine construction, sensors and electronic circuits. This knowledge is fundamental for understanding the processes that you will later control.

In the automation branch you will learn how to use various control systems and algorithms, including PID control, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), fuzzy regulator, neural networks and other control methods. You will also use database and knowledge systems as a part of your education.

Our field is not an simple one, but our graduates are highly demanded and have to problems what so ever to find work. Actually the demand from the industry is much larger that the number of our graduates.