Ústav přístrojové a řídicí techniky

Bachelor study

On the bachelor level the department teaches the specialization of Information and Automation Technology. It is part of a 4year bachelor program Mechanical Engineering.  In the first three years the subjects are common with the program Theoretical Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering (without specialization). Specialized subjects are being taught in the 3th and 4th year.

The study is focused on knowledge from basics of automatic control, informatics, instrumentation technology, programmable logic controllers, mikroprocesor programming etc. A strong emphasis is given on laboratory classes with industrial deices such as pneumatics, sensors, electrical and non-electrical measurements. Finished students typically work in the field of automation, automate manufacturing lines, program logic controllers, design information systems, or design various unique instruments. 

From the basic study they gain the knowledge of mechanics, geometry, physics, chemistry or computer graphics. Theoretical fundamentals of mechanics of rigid bodies, strength and elasticity of materials, thermomechanics or materials are also part of the education. Experimental methods for machine design including machine construction, sensors or control systems are also included. 

Specialized subjects
other subjects are common with Theoretical fundamentals of mechanical engineering

Bachelor study