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Work with us


We are active in many research areas and industrial collaborations. Us and our students can work together with industrial and research projects. Below you will find few examples of our collaboration a a list o areas where we are active and whom to contact.

Few examples of collaboration with research and industrial partners:

Division of Precision Mechanics and Optics

Division: 12136 The division focuses especially on the methods of precision mechanical engineering in mechanical and opto-mechanical devices including opto-electronics. We work in areas such as micro-machining, classical and wave optics or holography. […]

Division of Electrical Engineering

Division: 12114 The division of electrical engineering is focused into more areas. A common denominator is the design of some electronics or electrical device such as a unique instruments or control systems. We […]

We are active in these areas
Don´t hesitate to contact us.

If you are interested for more info or other topics, contact us and we will bet back to you soon.