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Lab of Programmable Controllers

Laboratory of Programmable Logic Controller is a lab for the education and realization of student’s projects and diploma thesis in the field of programmable logic controllers.

Lab equipment

Main taught subjects

  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Drive Systems (E372027)
  • Programmable Controller Applications (E371527)
  • SCADA systems (E372035)
  • Engineering Psychology (E372050)
  • Design of Information Systems (E371137)
  • Industrial Automation (E371110)

Laboratory placement



Ing. Martie Martinásková, Ph.D.

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A Spectrum-based Filter Design for Periodic Control of Systems with Time Delay

In this paper, we propose a completely analytical controller design that can address the periodic control problem for a stable minimum-phase linear system with arbitrary order that suffers from input/output time delays. Compared to repetitive control and other paradigms based on the Internal Model Principle, which are traditionally used in […]