prof. Ing.Bohumil Šulc, CSc.

Phone: +420-22435-2531
Main Specialization: control system design verified via engineering simulation
Networks: Researcher ID : B-7018-2015 ORCID : 0000–0002–2046–8765 0000-0003-4696-756X


Theory of Automatic Control
Computer Aided Process Control Design
Computer Aided Automatic Control Theory

Activity in organizations:

international organizations
– IFAC technical Committee (TC) Power Plants and Power Systems (TC 6.3 L. Kwang)
– IFAC technical Committee (TC) of Educationí EDCOM (TC 9.4 A. Rossiter)
membership in Czech scientific and technical societies
– Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics
– Masarykovy Academy of Work (MAP) – vicepresident
– Mechanical Engineers Asociation (ASI)
journal editorial boards
– MM Science Journal (WoS indexed) Editorial Board Member (since 2008)
– AUTOMA – journal for automation technology (Editorial Circle Member since 2007)
– professional journal Automatizace (since 1997 until the end of publishing)
– member od editorials boards in some periodicals of interest (Strojař, Česká energetika…)
– Gold Medal of Brno International Engineering Fair Brno awording jury member (2010-2018)
– member of branch (2002-4) and subbranch (2002-7) committes 101 Machical Engineering GA ČR
– member of boards for defences of MSc and PhD theses v oboru na FS ČVUT
– Rector’s Academic Council of the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (member 2008 – 2012)
– member doctoral study programme board forTechnical Cybernetics at Mechanical Engineering Facultty of the CTU Prague
conferences – organizer, chairman, programme committees membert, reviewer
– international : IFAC, IEEE, IASTED, WSEAS, ICCC and the other less important
– local: joint professional conference of the Pragoregula Fair (1996 -2003)
– 15 scientific-application conferences with participation from abroad (2005 – 2019) Automation, Control/Robotics & Processes ARaP preseting among others speeches of management from companies orienting towards IIOT such as. Siemens, ABB, ZAT, SIDAT, Mitsubiši, Humusoft, FESTO, Škoda, Bosch Rexroth, Endress-Hauser, Valeo, Beckhoff, Emerson, ELCOM…., accompanied by university lecturers (TUKE, UTB, TU Ostrava, STU, TUL, ZČU) under media support by journals MM Průmyslové spektrum, AUTOMA, Technický týdeník, ČMSA

Professional CV:

• 1966, joined the Department of Automatic Control at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University as a teaching assistant – he still works at this department, which was incorporated as the Department of Automatic Control and Engineering Informatics under the Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering 12110
• 1968 appointed Assistant Professor
• 1975 started reading of a totally new self-prepared two-terms course Theory of Automatic Control (4+2 a 3+2)
• 1980 defence of PHD thesis “Synthesis of Air-gases Transport Control Systems”
• 1988 appointed Associate Rrofessor (Reader) in Technical Cybernetics (Minister of Education)
• 1996 co-founder of a joint stock companyhe CertiCon, a.s.
• 2007 habilitated Assoxiate Professor in the field of Machine and Process Control (Mechanical Faculty of the CTU Prague)
• 2008 appointed Profesor in Machine and Process Control by President of the Czech Republic

Study stays:

long term study and lecture visits
• 4-months practise IAESTE u firmyhe O. Forst Solingen (1969)
• 6-months study stay at the TU Magdeburg and TU Dresden – scholarship of the Czech Ministry of Education (1973)
• 3-months study stay at the UMIST Manchester (1979) within the franework of an cultural exchange agreement
• 3-monts grant UNESCO 1986 joint visits of the City University of London and others English and German universities and excursions in induastrial companies producing control instrumentation
• University of Sheffield – Control System Centre (1994)
• Uni Duisburg – individuální Tempus mobilita (1996)
short term stays and working meetings
usuallycarried out within the framework of international projects “Improvement in Automation and Control Technology”, 1991 – 1994 (Tempus IMPACT) and Inco-Copernicus (IQ2FD – “Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Fault Diagnosis Methods within the Framework of Industrial Application”, 1997-1999)
• Festo Wien
• Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
• University of Miskolc
• Technical University Cluj
• Politechnika Warszawska
• University of Hull
• TU Dresden
• Technical University of Zielona Gora
coordination workshops at research institutes of the CMEA countries solving the program “Problem-Oriented Complexes” within the specialist section meetings of the Intergovernmental Commission for Computer Technology (1980-1990, 3 times a year)

Research and professional interests:
• Control Systems - theory, identification, design, simulation, optimization, adaptation; • Engineering Simulation of heat-energy processes in ecological biomass combustion control and transport dynamics of huge volumes of gaseous media • dynamical phenomena in the generation and transmission of driving torque for railway wheelsets
Publication and project activities:

National grants and projects
Czech Science Foundation
• Numerical Methods of Optimal Control System Design 102/01/1347 – 2001-3, co-solver of the principal investigator Professor J. Štecha
• Hybride Concept in Advanced Methods of Control and Modelling Thermal-energy Processes 101/04/1182 – 2004-6 – principal investigator of the project evaluated as “Excelent”
• Operationally Ensured Advanced Control of Thermal-energy Devices – 2007-9 101/07/1677 – principal investigator of the project
Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
• Research of Intelligent Methods in Economic-ecological Contol of a prototype 100 kW Residual Biomass Boiler- ALFA TA02020836 2013 – 2015 team leader
CTU grant competion (proposer and solver of the projects lead by my former students/graduates Dr. Vrána and Dr. Oswald under my supervision )
• SGS10/252/OHK2/3T/12 2010 – 2012 Development of Methods for Cost-effective Production of Information and Control Systems for Mechanical and Tthermal-energy Devices
• SGS13/179/OHK2/3T/12 2013 – 2015 Credible Control Function Conjoined with an Operating Optimum Search Proven in Mechanical and Thermal Pilot Devices or on Their Models
• SGS18/177/OHK2/3T/12 2018 – 2020 Intelligent Algorithms for Detecting and Suppressing Unwanted Dynamic Phenomena in Technical Systems Control
research task intents – programmes supported by the Ministry of Education
• Increasing Efficiency of Energy Machinery and Devices and Reducing Environmental Impacts- MSM 212200009 – 1999-2005, partial research task leader
• Development of Environment-friendly Decentralized Power Engineering – MSM6840770035 – 2007-2012, head of the group 1.8 Control and Monitoring Systems
international projects- EU
• IMPACT (Improvement in Automation and Control Technology, 1991 – 1994)
• Inco-Copernicus (IQ2FD – Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Fault Diagnosis Methods within the Framework of Industrial Application, 1997-1999)

Thesis supervisor or co-supervisor:

23 enrolled in an optional course “Selected Topics” within doctoral programme of study; some of them ( Ing. Martin Novák, Ing. Martin Lepold, Ing. Štěpán Fiala, Ing. Tomáš Fridrichovský a Ing. Vojtěch Dybala) engaged significantly in research projects and publishing activiies (eg SGS)

supervisor of 10 students, 6 of whom successfully received the title of PhD in Technical Cybernetics with the following thesis topics
– Dr, Javed Jan Alam (2002 Pakistán) Soft Computing in Object Oriented Nonlinear Modelling and Control of Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Systems
– Dr. David Klimánek (2007) Detection of a Biased Control Lloop Function via Evolutionary Algorithms
– Dr. Jan Tamáš (2006) New Approach to Automatic Control Knowledge Representation and Exchange
– Dr. Stanislav Vrána (2012) Control Quality Frequency indication for Continuous Controller Parameter Tuning
– Dr. Viktor Plaček (2015) Small-scale Biomass Boilers Modelling and Control Issues
– Dr. Cyril Oswald (2017) Economical and Ecological Optimization of Automated Biomass-fired Boilers Operation