Ústav přístrojové a řídicí techniky

Division of Electrical Engineering

Division: 12114

The division of electrical engineering is focused into more areas. A common denominator is the design of some electronics or electrical device such as a unique instruments or control systems. We can design unique measurement and control systems with traditional analog electronics, microprocessors or FPGAs. We are also providing PCB design for our devices, power electronics design such a special frequency inverters, calculations of systems with electrical machines etc. A large portion of our capacity is devoted to classes for bachelor students – classes of basics of electronics and electrical machines. In those introductory classes, there are about 500 students annually. Besides we give many specialized classes for the students of our department.


Odbor elektrotechniky
Division of Electrical Engineering – summer 2020 – from left Ing. Lukáš Novák, Doc. Papežová, Ing. Dušek, Doc. Martin Novák, Ing. Zdeněk Novák, Sedlecká, Ing. Krofta, Ing. Straka, Ing. Sivkov