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New concepts in theory of signal shapers with time delays

About project

The project focuses on developing novel concepts for analysis and synthesis of signal shapers with time delays. In principle, these algorithms being used for shaping the control system set-points or just system inputs with the aim to compensate oscillatory modes are continuous time difference equations. Applying the recent results in theory of difference equations, the spectral analysis of existing types of shapers will be performed. Next, the strong stability theory of neutral systems will be applied in order to analyse the potential stability risks of applying the shapers in feedback loops. As the main result, completely new concept of signal shapers based on distributed time delays will be proposed. Compared to classical shapers, the novel distributed shapers are likely to have considerable better features with respect to robustness, spectrum distribution and stability, if used in closed loops. Consequently, the control synthesis of systems pre-compensated by signal shapers will be proposed. All the obtained results will be tested on simulation and laboratory experiments.

More info can be found here: http://www.cak.fs.cvut.cz/projects/shapers

Project no.:

GACR 13-06962S

Principal Investigator

Prof. Ing. Tomáš Vyhlídal, PhD.

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Example results

Comparison of ZV shaper and shaper with distributed delay (52nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control)

Disturbance rejection with inverse shaper in feedback. (ECC Zurich 2013)