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Eye endoscope

About project

Development of an endoscope for use in ophthalmic surgery and thus with a minimum diameter of the part of the device that enters the eye. The device should allow for direct and side view.

In cooperation with an industrial company, we are developing a rigid endoscope primarily intended for intraocular operations. The endoscope is used especially for complicated or otherwise difficult procedures – for example, due to a cloudy or completely opaque eye lens, it is not possible to use a standard operating microscope. It is also useful in cases where it is necessary to examine or perform an operation on the inside of the iris, which is inaccessible for microscopic imaging. The endoscope will be used with a standard 23ga port (diameter 0.635mm). The endoscope will have a color camera with monitor output, its own illumination system and an operating laser.

Master’s and doctoral students also cooperate on this project.


grant MPO CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/16_084/0010281


Němcová, Šárka, Ing. Bc., Ph.D.