Ústav přístrojové a řídicí techniky

Time-delay control laws for innovative transportation UAV systems


The project is focused on development of new effective control algorithms for innovative autonomous and remotely-operated transport UAV systems. One of the potential applications is the transport of suspended loads during supply and rescue missions, often with very strict requirements on the delivery accuracy and safety. The project focuses on application of novel input shaping techniques within the control systems of the UAVs with the objective to pre-compensate the oscillatory modes of the system and thus eliminate the load swaying in a feedforward manner. Once the input shapers that involve time delays are employed in the feedback loops, the system becomes infinite dimensional. In order to handle the control design task, modern methods of control synthesis of time delay systems will be allied. Next to these delays introduced for control purposes, also delays in the control and measurement system, particularly computation delays will be taken into account in the control design.

Principal Investigator

prof. Ing. Tomáš Vyhlídal, PhD.

Selected results

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