Ústav přístrojové a řídicí techniky

Active multidimensional vibration absorbers for complex mechanical structures based on delayed resonator method

Project GACR 17–20943S supported by the Czech Science Foundation, GAČR

The project focuses on development of novel mechanical components – multidimensional active absorbers based on the concept of delayed resonator – an active vibration absorber with delayed feedback from the measurements. A distinguishing feature of this efficient technique is that it utilizes time delays in the vibration absorber control scheme. The concept of the delayed resonator, which was proposed by prof. N. Olgac (University of Connecticut, USa) in 1990s, has received a great deal of attention in literature and led to several patents. The key advantage of this technique is both straightforward tuning mechanism and easy implementation of the scheme. Recently, jointly with prof. Olgac, in the framework of the collaborative project Kontakt II LH12066 (2012–2014) – Spectral methods for vibration suppression and control design of mechanical systems with feedback delays, the applicant’s team considerably contributed to further development of this technique with results presented in top journals of the field. The work performed in the Kontakt project included algorithmic and mechatronic design of delayed resonator with an experimental verification. Still, the performed research focused mainly on rather restrictive assumptions of having single degree of freedom (SDOF) vibrating structure and SDOF absorber with lumped parameters only. The general objective of this project is to relax these assumptions towards considering various multi-degree of freedom (MDOF) configurations and flexibility at both the structure and the absorber(s) of the delayed resonator(s). The project will also focus on optimizing whole mechatronic structure (including the actuators and sensors) of the advanced distributed resonator concepts.